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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sheppie  Abt 1873Tennessee I1171 JamesHall_b1760 
2 BADGETT, Allice C  May 1884Tennessee I994 JamesHall_b1760 
3 BADGETT, Hugh C  Aug 1887Tennessee I1447 JamesHall_b1760 
4 BADGETT, Matt A  Jan 1873Tennessee I137 JamesHall_b1760 
5 BADGETT, Nancy Jane  1824Tennessee I1110 JamesHall_b1760 
6 BADGETT, Rosa E  Aug 1869Tennessee I1232 JamesHall_b1760 
7 BADGETT, Sadie S  Jul 1882Tennessee I760 JamesHall_b1760 
8 BADGETT, Sam F  Apr 1871Tennessee I489 JamesHall_b1760 
9 BADGETT, Susan  23 May 1816Tennessee I286 JamesHall_b1760 
10 BLAIR, Edgar E  Dec 1887Tennessee I1442 JamesHall_b1760 
11 BLAIR, James W  Sep 1883Tennessee I831 JamesHall_b1760 
12 BLAIR, Sarah M  Jan 1886Tennessee I990 JamesHall_b1760 
13 BLAIR, William S  28 Mar 1825Tennessee I609 JamesHall_b1760 
14 BOWMAN, James B  03 Sep 1826Tennessee I922 JamesHall_b1760 
15 BOWMAN, Julia Tex  10 Nov 1856Tennessee I529 JamesHall_b1760 
16 BOWMAN, Mary Susan  17 Jun 1856Tennessee I781 JamesHall_b1760 
17 BRITTON, Franklin  1835Tennessee I961 JamesHall_b1760 
18 BRITTON, George Washington  1845Tennessee I1564 JamesHall_b1760 
19 BROWN, Alice S  Mar 1861Tennessee I276 JamesHall_b1760 
20 BROWN, Bonnie Jean  09 Aug 1889Tennessee I1219 JamesHall_b1760 
21 BROWN, William C  Nov 1852Tennessee I70 JamesHall_b1760 
22 BUSSELL, James Wesley  1862Tennessee I1768 JamesHall_b1760 
23 CALLOWAY, R M  1873Tennessee I273 JamesHall_b1760 
24 COULTER, William L.  14 Jun 1860Tennessee I678 JamesHall_b1760 
25 FOWLER, Sarah F.  Abt 1857Tennessee I1202 JamesHall_b1760 
26 GARMANY, Lady  May 1900Tennessee I1408 JamesHall_b1760 
27 GILES, Annie Helen  07 Aug 1905Tennessee I1413 JamesHall_b1760 
28 GODDARD, Sam  Abt 1893Tennessee I1170 JamesHall_b1760 
29 GRAY, Ann T  01 May 1809Tennessee I458 JamesHall_b1760 
30 HAIN, George  Aug 1870Tennessee I1120 JamesHall_b1760 
31 HAIN, William Hall  21 Nov 1896Tennessee I194 JamesHall_b1760 
32 HALL, Alvira  1832Tennessee I1426 JamesHall_b1760 
33 HALL, Burwell Freeman  19 Nov 1846Tennessee I1076 JamesHall_b1760 
34 HALL, Clyde Benjamin  05 Oct 1908Tennessee I1194 JamesHall_b1760 
35 HALL, Edna Earl  05 Jun 1924Tennessee I1060 JamesHall_b1760 
36 HALL, Elizabeth  06 Mar 1791Tennessee I593 JamesHall_b1760 
37 HALL, Fanny Cate  24 Aug 1877Tennessee I996 JamesHall_b1760 
38 HALL, Gid Malcolm  19 Apr 1883Tennessee I183 JamesHall_b1760 
39 HALL, John Blair  14 Aug 1852Tennessee I235 JamesHall_b1760 
40 HALL, John S.  Abt 1864Tennessee I1146 JamesHall_b1760 
41 HALL, Joseph C.  1852Tennessee I517 JamesHall_b1760 
42 HALL, Kate  Abt 1896Tennessee I1433 JamesHall_b1760 
43 HALL, Katy Belle  Oct 1895Tennessee I299 JamesHall_b1760 
44 HALL, Lena May  23 Jul 1878Tennessee I1353 JamesHall_b1760 
45 HALL, Mary Ruth  Abt 1901Tennessee I224 JamesHall_b1760 
46 HALL, Ruth M  1863Tennessee I588 JamesHall_b1760 
47 HALL, Samuel C.  03 Apr 1865Tennessee I1048 JamesHall_b1760 
48 HALL, Samuel P  1857Tennessee I1138 JamesHall_b1760 
49 HALL, Sarah Emma  Jun 1888Tennessee I861 JamesHall_b1760 
50 HALL, William Henry  04 Jul 1855Tennessee I240 JamesHall_b1760 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MONTGOMERY, Arty U.  09 Jan 1948Tennessee I705 JamesHall_b1760 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 COULTER, Thomas Jefferson Sr.  30 Sep 1813Tennessee I530 JamesHall_b1760 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Balch  05 Sep 1797Tennessee F416 JamesHall_b1760 
2 / McCollum  28 Aug 1798Tennessee F410 JamesHall_b1760 
3 Parks /   28 Aug 1798Tennessee F424 JamesHall_b1760